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In 2020, our Director brought home her youngest daughter through international, special needs adoption from Armenia.  Upon returning home, she was shocked to quickly realize that there were no private preschool options available for her three year old in the local community, because Ember has Down syndrome.  

This realization ignited a passion for change. 

Inclusion isn’t a benefit we offer to those with a disability; inclusion is a gift that is given to all children, as we learn to see one another as worthy, Image-Bearers of our King.  We cannot experience the beauty of the Body of Christ if certain members of the Body are excluded – for any reason. 

Courageous Kids preschool will be a place where our students and our community learn to see one another as living, breathing, artwork – created with intention, by a King.

Everybody and every ability is welcomed here.

We offer full-week enrollment (Monday - Thursday, 8:30-11:30) or half-week enrollment (Monday, Wednesday 8:30-11:30)

The preschool will begin the year meeting at Evangelical Bible Church (EBC) in Dallas, and will then move to our permanent home on Main Street once the Carnegie Building is completed for the school in December.

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