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We're here to help.

We understand that finances are an ongoing and paramount concern for families, and our desire is to make private, Christian education accessible to everyone.  We grow community at Hundred Acre where our families are known and loved, and because that is at the core of who we are, we are actively engaging our community in creative and innovative ways to break down financial barriers in order to support and come alongside our families.


That being said, the decision to pour into your kids through the intentional pursuit of Christian education is going to be costly; both personally and financially. 


There is no way to mitigate the cost of that sacrifice, nor should there be. 


It will be hard, and it will feel uncomfortable.  

The places God calls us often feel this way.


Choosing something different for our kids is not the social norm.  It falls outside of what our world calls good and right.  That’s okay; the world doesn’t have to get it.  Parents, this stewardship role is yours.  You have been uniquely and unequivocally called to speak into the lives of your children and their education.  You alone have been called to make decisions on what wise stewardship looks like.  That calling is for you, given to you by a God who approaches us each in relationship. 

Prayerfully consider where God is calling you. 

Then courageously step into the place He is leading.

Where He calls, He enables




But it will cost you something.

Download our 2024-2025 tuition information here.

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