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You've got Questions?

Cool.  We've got answers.

How big are classes?

They're small.  Just how we like it!

Our classes are capped at 20 students in four classes.  We do not desire to be mighty in numbers; we desire to be mighty in purpose.

We do things differently over here.

We have a K/1st classroom, a 2nd/3rd classroom, a 4th/5th classroom, and a 5th/6th classroom.  All classrooms have a teacher and the support of instructional assistants throughout the school day.

Why Dallas?  That's a drive from Salem.

We're in Dallas because that's where God opened a door.

It's about a 25 minute drive from most parts of Salem.  But we like small towns.  We like to invest in local communities.  We go where God sends us with a yes and an amen.

Our vision for Hundred Acre is to plant affiliated micro-schools in communities all over Oregon..  In the fall, we're putting down roots in Dallas and we're going to grow them deep.  

Our students come from all over; Salem, Jefferson, Keizer, Albany, and Stayton.  Many families carpool.  It's an investment of time and resources that should be carefully weighed and considered.

As believers, our identity is found in Christ, our calling is FROM Him, and our job is to glorify Jesus by being distinctively Christian in the way we live our lives.  That’s not always easy.  It doesn’t always feel comfortable.  In fact, it often feels distinctly uncomfortable.  

Choosing something different for your kids will be costly.  Absolutely and no doubt about it; time and finances are just two examples of the cost.  But the benefit is the fruit we produce, as we intentionally choose discipleship and community and allow our lives to show what the tree is like. 

Jesus is the tree, and at Hundred Acre we desire to be “… a planting of the Lord for the display of his splendor.”  (Isaiah 61:3)  

We bear fruit because it's who we are.  It's Christ in us. 

Parents, the wise stewardship over your children's education is yours and yours alone.  Process that role and responsibility in prayer.  Step out courageously where God calls you.

What is the Hundred Acre Foundation?

An affiliated, but completely separate, non-profit resource center for home school families in the community.

YES!  Come join our team!

We are hiring teachers and instructional assistants.  Check back soon for position postings and to apply.

Are you hiring?


What does a typical school day look like?

A lot of fun, a lot of learning, and a lot of Jesus!

Everyday starts with Bible.  We teach Bible family style, so older students and younger students have the opportunity to learn about Jesus side by side.  This is a beautiful model of discipleship, as our students are poured into by their peers and by their teachers alike.    

Students will receive instruction in reading, writing, and math every day.  They will explore rich scientific concepts through engaging and hands-on units, and they will also learn about history and geography beginning in kindergarten.  Curriculum maps by grade are available here.

We believe learning is active and that the most important education takes place outside of the classroom walls, and students are encouraged to explore their passions and engage their learning through real-world experiences. Our philosophy centers around the active and intentional pursuit of opportunities for our students to thrive in the world around them, and learning through doing. 

Who Are We
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