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Salem Campus

You've asked, and here we come.

And we're stoked.

We're arriving on the scene, September of 2023

The Hundred Acre Academy will be opening our third campus in South Salem in January of 2023 in the campus of Liberty Christian Church. 

Our Salem campus is a micro-school, meaning, it will never house more than 30 students in grades K-3.  Students learn in multi-grade level classrooms and benefit from instruction specifically and intentionally tailored to their unique and individual learning needs.   We assume competence, set the bar high for our individual learners, and champion each child as we partner with you, as parents, in pouring into your these kids as capable, important, and deeply loved Image-Bearers of their King. 

We can do hard things, we'll do them together, and we'll have a whole lot of fun

We cultivate an environment built on active, joy-motivated faith in a living Savior, and education grown in real-world experiences that nurture creativity and a lifelong love of learning.

We're disrupting the narrative.  

We're stoked for you to join us.

Who Are We
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