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The Hundred Acre Academy

947 Main Street

Dallas, Oregon 


are you

We're excited for you.
We're coming alongside you.

And we're passionately supportive of this journey you are embarking on, in the wise stewardship of your children.

The Hundred Acre Foundation will launch in the fall of 2022, providing extracurricular classes taught by parents, private, small group and drop-in tutoring, and field trips and community service opportunities. REGISTRATION FOR FALL 2022 IS NOW OPEN!

You can do this.  We can help. 

The Hundred Acre Foundation is a resource center for homeschool families. We exist to equip and connect our local homeschooling communities, providing families with the tools and support they need to thrive in their educational journey. 

We wrap community around homeschooling families, in a place where everyone belongs

Fall Semester registration
is now OPEN

The Foundation is an independent, stand-alone 501c3 charitable organization. 


View our fall course catalog here.

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Are you a parent with a talent, skill or passion you'd be willing to share with kids?  

We are always looking for teachers for our resource center!  

Teachers are not hired by the Foundation, they act as independent contractors.

You create the course syllabus.

You set the fees.

You get the money. 

We advertise, we help register students, and provide the space to teach.

homeschooling are you We're excited for you. We're coming alongside you. And we're passion
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