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Stayton Campus

The OG Home of Hundred Acre

This is where it all began.

And we're not going anywhere. 

The Hundred Acre Academy originally launched as a learning pod in the fall of 2021.  It launched right here.   This is the place where God grew a mustard seed of faith into a beautiful representation of Him; His grace and mercy poured out over the families that showed up at these doors every single day.   

Our Stayton classroom is no longer in infancy; today, it is thriving.  The educational model here is similar but not the same as our Dallas location.  Our Stayton campus is also a microschool, but an intimate setting with an emphasis on inter-generational learning.  Stayton will house students in grades K-5Here, students learn together for Bible, science and history, and break into grade level ability bands for the core subject areas. 

The benefit to this type of educational experience is immeasurable. 

Last year, our students (from age 5 to age 10) participated in the following learning:


Dissected sheep hearts during our study of the human body

Designed, created, marketed and then sold a product at our class Market Day

Propagated plants and learned about plant cells 

Created a Geometrocity 3D city as part of a geometry unit

Learned how to share the Gospel


We pair our older students with our younger students as learning partners.  When our students can explain their learning to someone else, we know they're really learned it.  They've become active participants in their learning.  Our younger students benefit from exposure to complex subjects, from assumed competence, and from experiences that engage their curiosity and activate their enthusiasm to learn.    


Our space in Stayton is located next door to the public library and there is a beautiful park with a playground and tennis courts out the back door.     


It's almost like it was meant to be...
(spoiler: It totally was, because that's exactly the God we serve)

Who Are We

We've dug deep into God's Word and listened to tiny voices pray blessings over their community -- all from inside these walls.   

This is a special place. 

We'd love to share it with you. 

Interested in being part of this OG location?

The Stayton Campus is FULL for the 2022-2023 school year.

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