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We're the new kids on the block (literally)

We're putting our roots down in Dallas, Oregon

The story is all God.

In the fall of 2022, we launched the school year in the old Post Office building on Main Street.  

Classroom spaces

Later that year, we moved a block away, across the alley, to our permanent home:  

The Carnegie Building

Who Are We

This gem of the town was completely remodeled, for us.


The Academy:  Grades PreK - 5
The Annex:  Grades 6-8

Our Dallas campus is a micro-school, meaning, it will never house more than 80 students in grades K-5.  In the fall, we will have a kindergarten class (capped at 12 students), and K/1, 2/3. and 4/5 classrooms. capped at 18 students.  Students learn in multi-grade level classrooms and benefit from instruction specifically and intentionally tailored to their unique and individual learning needs.   We assume competence, set the bar high for our individual learners, and champion each child as we partner with you, as parents, in pouring into your kids as capable, important, and deeply loved Image-Bearers of their King. 

In the fall, we are launching a stand-alone middle school.  The Annex will house up to 30 students in grades 6-8, in our original building located at 947 Main Street. 


We can do hard things, we'll do them together, and we'll have a whole lot of fun

Our Dallas campus has an emphasis on entrepreneurial learning. 

We live out our faith, as we minister and pour into people 

We pair our older students with our younger students as learning partners.  We create opportunities for our students to become active participants in their learning. 

We cultivate an environment built on active, joy-motivated faith in a living Savior, and education grown in real-world experiences that nurture creativity and a lifelong love of learning.

We're disrupting the narrative.  We're stoked for you to join us.

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